How to Record Maps


Format your document according to our General Map Requirements

  • Clearly and legibly drawn in black permanent ink upon cloth or other permanent material (mylar). Affidavits, certificates, and acknowledgments must be legibly stamped or printed with black permanent ink. All signatures and seals must be original. Names must be printed beneath signatures.

  • Size: 24" x 32", with 2" left border and 1" top, bottom, and right borders.

  • Each sheet must be numbered, and its relation to the adjoining sheets must be shown (e.g., Sheet 1 of 3).

For a list of specific map requirements, please contact the Recorder's Office.


The following maps are required to be dropped off for overnight review and can be picked up the following afternoon:

  • Plat
  • Parcel
  • Division into Large Parcel
  • Land Division

Prepare and Pay associated Recording Fees

fee scheduleRecording Fee Calculator . This is only an estimation and does not replace official calculations.

Acceptable Forms of Payment


Mail or bring both your document and payment to our main office only.

Clark County Recorder's Office Address

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