1/12/2011 - State AG Issues Warning for "Title Compliance" Deed Service Company

The Nevada Attorney General's office has issued the following warning regarding a company offering deed record services.


CARSON CITY, NV: The Office of the Nevada Attorney General is alerting consumers concerning Title Compliance, a company using a Las Vegas post office box that is sending notices to Nevada homeowners regarding property deeds. Title Compliance states it will acquire a copy of the homeowner’s deed for a payment of $157.00. It also states that, due to the large number of transactions, this would be the only notice of their service.

Nevada homeowners should be aware that property deeds and supporting documents can be obtained from the local county recorder’s office where these documents where originally filed for much less than the service being advertised.

"Consumers must be aware that official documents can be obtained from federal, state or local sources for little or no cost by applying directly to the agency involved," said Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. "Many companies offer to supply documents and papers for a fee, taking advantage of unsuspecting or uninformed consumers."

Before sending money to a company offering services dealing with government agencies, consumers should always contact the government agency named first. Consumers will often find the services can be obtained directly from that agency with little or no cost. In addition, the Better Business Bureau maintains a website, www.bbb.org, that provides information concerning companies doing business around the United States. Be cautious when dealing with a company not listed with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, entering the company’s name in a Google, Bing or Yahoo search will often reveal information that the company is operating in a fraudulent or dishonest manner. When dealing with a non-local company, it is wise to do your internet search homework first.

While no determination has been made regarding the legitimacy of Title Compliance, any advertisement that urges quick action raises red flags. Questions regarding this matter can be addressed to the Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at (775) 684-1169. .

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