3/1/2010 - Recorder & Assessors Office Finalists for 2010 CGG Award

The Clark County Recorder’s and Assessor’s Offices are recognized as one of the four finalists chosen by the Nevada Taxpayers Association for the 2010 Cashman Good Government Award at the association’s 13th annualmeeting that will be held on March 2nd.

The departments are being honored for their joint partnership in the installation of the automated queue management system (Q-Matic). Q-Matic has greatly streamlined the Recorder’s and Assessor’s Offices registration process.

Prior to implementing Q-Matic, it was common for customers to stand in line and wait for an hour to be entered into the queue and issued a number to record a document. Afterwards, an additional wait could exceed two hours to complete a transaction. Having citizens stand in line was a hardship on the elderly and disabled, as well as the general public. “We needed a solution, and since implementing Q-Matic, total wait time has decreased considerably and now averages between 5 to 20 minutes. I am so proud of the staff and their achievement to make the department more efficient.” Recorder Debbie Conway said. Assessor M. W. Schofield pointed out that the operation processes over 400 customers per day, saving manpower costs and enhances the customer’s government experience by reducing their wait time.

Recorder Conway and Assessor Schofield have consistently encouraged their associates to be proactive indiscovering collaborative, innovative ways to execute enhanced technology and customer service programs. By working together, customers who conduct business in both offices can queue in at once, rather than having to go through a second line and being queued in the system a second time. This joint partnership has created a relaxed atmosphere for citizens and greater staff productivity.

The Cashman Good Government Award was established in 1997, and recognizes state and local government employees who make strong and consistent efforts to spend taxpayer dollars wisely. It is awarded by the Nevada Taxpayers Association to an individual or team who has provided cost-effective services to citizens by acts that are above and beyond normal job duties.

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