12/12/2011 - Multi-Titled Document Policy Change

Dear Frequent Customer,   

Having reviewed the multi-titled document policy for submissions and based on the advice of our District Attorney as per NRS 247.305(1)(c), the Recorder’s Office will be revising this policy to reduce the various combinations of multi-titled documents to a common document type.  

Therefore, effective January 3, 2012 the “Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance” document will be categorized as the basic multi - title document type.  Other multi - titles may be added accordingly.

This basic document will be charged a standard recording fee of $17, plus $3 for the additional title and $1 for each additional page after the first page.

Please contact me if there are any additional questions.  

Eugene Mendiola
Assistant County Recorder

Last modified on 10/2/2015 14:04