6/21/2011 - Recorder's Office recipient of two NACo 2011 Awards

Program Title: Key to Our Success Program
Category: County Administration and Management

About the Program:
During these difficult economic times, many public and private sector businesses are seeking cost effective means to continue to operate and generate revenue. County departments have implemented cost containment measures as a means to cut costs and find alternative solutions to operate their organizations with fewer resources. Such needs encourages an environment for employees to become creative and operate more efficiently. The “Key to Our Success” Program helps to boost employee morale and helps to maintain a strong teamwork environment in order to accomplish the mission and goals of the Recorder’s Office. The Recorder’s Office has set the standard and adopted the slogan of “Building Bridges, Establishing Partnerships, and Creating Collaborations.” Working together cohesively is what makes the Recorder’s Office accomplish its mission and objectives. Employees are always motivated to create and provide unique ideas in order to enhance technology and improve all aspects of recordation to serve the private and public sector by providing excellent customer service. To reward the employees for their diligence, the “Monumental Key” for the “Key to Our Success” Program has increased the motivation of the employees.

Program Title:
Collaboration to Improve an Enhancement Index of County Surveys and Maps
Category: Information Technology

About the Program:
In looking at the problems with ongoing production of a cumulative map index report, we thought that we needed to know more about the use of the index and what about it was meaningful to the people who downloaded such a massive report.

In 2009, we implemented a new recordation software system. We asked our vendor to provide a maps-only website. We invited surveyors from local associations and government agencies to our office to discuss the cumulative map index issues. During this meeting, we reviewed the online search screen and obtained feedback. We asked whether the online search could replace the report.

The surveyors thought that the search criteria were sufficient to help them narrow their record selections to just those maps that they needed. However, many of the older index records did not have all of the fields filled in properly. For example, if a surveyor wanted to look up all of the surveys he had recorded, a number of records had the wrong “surveyor certificate number” in the field. Therefore, the results from his search would be missing those index records. The problem records were either from errors in data entry, or problems converting data from one system to another since 1988. Apparently, this had also been a problem on the report, but the surveyors had not had a forum to express their issue with the blank fields on the report. The scope of the project then broadened to include re-indexing to make electronic record searches more accurate and complete.

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