2/22/2018 - Recorder's Office Finalist for Cashman Good Government Award

​The Nevada Taxpayers Association will announce the recipient of it's 20th Annual Cashman Good Government Award at its Feb. 28 luncheon at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. 

The award is given to an individual or team that demonstrates a strong, continuing and consistent effort to spend taxpayers' dollars wisely and efficiently; performs acts that are above and beyond the normal job duties; creates an effective, open and accountable practice of creating a "user-friendly" government; and the degree to which the actions of the individual or team provide measurable and tangible results. 

The County Recorder's office was selected one of four finalists for its eRecording Project that allows customers to electronically record documents. The system is a comprehensive online document and data exchange process that allows recording customers to automate recorded items with increased security, accuracy and efficiency. E-Recording automatically converts each document type into one common, unalterable format so it can be legally authenticated and distributed electronically.

eRecording Features:

  • An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper recording
  • Secure, accurate and efficient recording
  • Customizable electronic processing that corresponds to existing paper process
  • Comprehensive document storage and retrieval
  • Improve turn-around times and increase efficiencies
  • Secure, streamlined fee payment
  • Submit documents to any county on the E-Recording network

E-Recording offers a number of advantages over traditional approaches to document recording, such as:

  • Document workflow processes are streamlined and simplified
  • Client service levels are dramatically improved
  • Document recordings are accelerated
  • The costly overhead of traditional submission and recordation methods is significantly reduced
  • Document security is enhanced 
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