Writ Of Execution: Real Property (Property w/Address or Raw Land)  

Items Required From Attorneys/Pro Pers:

  • Original Instructions to the Sheriff must include Debtors/counsel complete last known address, must show address of property to be sold, must have legal description and APN #, date of sale must be at least 40 days from the date of delivery of documents (check w/Sheriffs Civil office for date). If property is raw land (exact location of property is required), include map.
  • Original Writ of Execution & 3 copies, or 4 copies of the Electronically Court filed Writ of Execution
  • 2 copies of Judgment. Notice of Execution. (NRS 21.075)
  • Original Affidavit of Posting to be emailed in WORD format (check w/Sheriff's Civil office for email address).
  • Original Notice of Sale & 8 copies (of which 2 copies will be returned to the attorney/pro per after they are signed, for publication. A file-stamped copy of Affidavit of Publication must be provided 2 days prior to the sale).
  • Documents coming from out-of-state require $100.00 deposit. No personal checks accepted.

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