​Out-Of-State/Out-Of-County Clients

If you are logging on from out-of-state and have documents, OTHER THAN PROTECTION ORDERS, that need to be served in the Clark County area, please be advised that service can take 10 calendar days, due to our existing work load. (Our 1 st priority in this office is to serve Temporary Protective Orders Against Domestic Violence from District Court/Family Division & Stalking/Harassment Orders from Justice Court, as well as the documents that come in from out-of-state.) If you have a court date, we will need your documents in our hands at least 10 calendar days prior to that court date/serve by date. If your documents need to be served in a more timely manner, or you have a court date that doesnt allow for the 10 calendar days, you may want to contact either the local Constables Office for the City/Township in which you are wanting service effectuated in or a private process server.

We require a $100.00 Deposit, per person, per service address for Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, & Boulder City. We would require a $150.00 Deposit, per person, per service address for Primm, Jean, Indian Springs, Logandale, Overton & Moapa. We would also require a $200.00 Deposit, per person, per service address for Mesquite and Laughlin. Payment must be in the form of a business/firm check, cashiers check or money order, made payable to: Clark County Sheriff. PLEASE BE ADVISED, WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.

*Note: Most documents are $17.00 each and $2.00 per mile depending on where we have to go and how many attempts are made. We will refund what we do not use and if more is needed, we will bill you.

We need a copy of each document to be served. If you have a physical description or picture of the individual its helpful, but, not required.

Please provide a cover letter with these five (5) items:

Name & address of the individual(s) to be served, as well as a list of the documents you want served on them.

Indicate whether these documents should be personally (hand-delivered to the defendant only) served or an abode (residence) /sub-service (serve anyone who answers the door over the age of 18 yrs. old).

Indicate the last possible day we can serve & please note we must have the documents in our hands at least 15 business days prior to the target date.

Should there be any problems/questions with the documents or service, please provide a phone number where we can call collect (or a toll free # we can call).

Any special instructions from your Court.

Please indicate the address you want us to send the Return of Service.

If our office is unable to meet your service needs, please see the following list of constabl​es​ in Clark County and private process servers taken from the phone book in Clark County.

Private Process Servers

A-1 Process 888/297-9163
Advance Process Service 888/611-1125
Legal Express 800/881-7607
Legal Process Service 888/568-5566
Legal Wings 800/368-0305
AB Quicksilver Court Services 702/438-5409
AB Quicksilver Court Services 702/438-7030
Attorneys Process & Runner Service 702/547-9036
CCPS Process Service LLC 702/387-7834
5 Star Process Serving LV 702/383-0550
Junes Legal Service 702/579-6300
Lawyers Process Service 702/384-5866
Process Servers Inc 702/643-2280
Southern Nevada Process Service 702/319-5300
Vegas Legal Support Services 702/384-8477
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