Summons & Complaints: Citations & Petitions  

If you are wanting to serve a Civil Summons, Joint Preliminary Injunction & Complaint for divorce (annulment, etc.), you must provide us with the following:

Items Required From Attorneys/Pro Pers:

  • Instructions to the Sheriff.
  • 1 copy of Summons/Citation.
  • 1 copy of Joint Preliminary Injunction (if you have one) and 1 copy.
  • 1 copy of Complaint/Petition.
  • Documents coming from out-of-state require $100.00 deposit. No personal checks accepted.

And any other documents you want us to serve. If you have an Order Waiving Fees (Indigent statement signed by a Judge, etc.), we will need a copy that we may keep for our files. We will not accept the Application for the Order Waiving Fees, only the actual Order signed by a judge.

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