TPO (Temporary Protection Order) Against Domestic Violence  

These orders are issued by District Court/Family Division.

If you are wanting to apply for a protection order against a family member or someone you have/had a domestic relationship with, you must go to the Family Violence Intervention office located at 601 N. Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV. For further information, or please call their office at (702) 455-3400. Once the order has been granted, it is automatically forwarded to our office for service by the court, as long as there is a service address with which to serve the person.


If you are wanting to serve a Protection Order Against Domestic Violence or a Stalking/Harassment Order coming from out-of-state, please be advised that we need to have your documents in hand at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the last possible date of service before your court date. If you want to fax your documents for service, you will need to check with your court to see if they allow service of faxed copies. You must call our office and speak to one of our clerks after sending your transmission to ensure completeness and legibility of the fax. Be advised the faxed documents must be LEGIBLE or we will not be able to serve them.

Please provide a cover letter with the name & address of the individual(s) to be served, as well as a list of the documents you want served. If you have a physical description or picture of the individual, it is helpful but not required. Also, indicate the date your service needs to be completed by (Court Date or Expiration Date).

Please provide a contact number we can call, should there be any problems/questions with your documents or service.

Please give us your fax # and the Court's mailing address so we can fax you a copy of the Return of Service (Affidavit of Service or Not Found Affidavit) and mail the original to the court. Indicate where you want us to send the Return of Service. Whether it is by mail or by FAX, you must provide the contact agency name & mailing address and/or FAX number.


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