Writ Of Attachment: Personal Property (Vehicles, Equipment, Monies, etc.)  

Items Required From Attorneys/Pro Pers:

  • Original Instructions to the Sheriff , must have complete service address including zip codes (must include Debtors/counsel complete last known address). For vehicles: VIN #, license #, color, make, models or any other identifying characteristics. Copy of DMV report or certificate of title.
  • Original Writ of Attachment & 4 copies (must be issued by court clerk).
  • 2 copies of Order.
  • $400 deposit check (for towing and storage, amounts may vary depending on what type of property is being picked up), pay to Clark County Sheriff.
  • Original Notice of Attachment (NRS 31.045).
  • Documents coming from out-of-state require $100.00 deposit. No personal checks accepted.
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