Writ of Execution / Garnishment (Post-Judgment)  

TO THE GARNISHEE (bank/employer): Please be advised we cannot give any legal advice. If you were served with a garnishment package, please read through all the court documents carefully. You must answer the interrogatories on the Writ of Garnishment, notarize your answers (with signature) and return the entire (page 1, 2, etc. or front and back) ORIGINAL court form and/or any funds to the address on the Sheriff's Demand letter. The $5.00 check is the statutory garnishment fee to reimburse you for the notarization. If you need assistance in filling out the interrogatories or have questions regarding how much is to be garnished, please contact your legal counsel. All other questions should be referred to the attorney of record. This is the attorney who signed the documents that were served upon you.

TO THE BANK ACCOUNT HOLDER/EMPLOYEE OF A GARNISHMENT: Please be advised we cannot give any legal advice. If you have questions regarding this garnishment or you would like to try to make other arrangements, you must contact the attorney of record. The attorney of record is the person who signed the court documents to garnish and they are the only one authorized to make changes, if possible, to your levy.

Items Required From Attorneys/Pro Pers:


  • Wages/Bank Accounts/Cash boxes
  • Original Instructions to the Sheriff must have complete service address including zip codes (must include Debtors and/or Legal Counsel's last known address).
  • Original Writ of Execution & 2 copies or 3 copies of the Electronically Court filed Writ of Execution (must be issued by court clerk).
  • Notice of Execution (NRS 21.075).
  • Original Writ of Garnishment with $5.00 business check, cashier's check, money order made payable to Garnishee (not needed for cash boxes).
  • W-9
  • 2 copies of Judgment (for cash boxes only)
  • Documents coming from out-of-state require $100.00 deposit. No personal checks accepted.


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