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Operated by Clark County, the Southern Nevada Children's Assessment Center (SNCAC) brings together child abuse professionals in one location where they work collaboratively to:

  • Reduce the amount of trauma children experience 
  • Enhance response to child maltreatment
  • Support the needs of child victims and their families

Staff at the center are highly skilled professionals who comprise a multidisciplinary team including child protection workers, law enforcement officers, medical providers, prosecutors, family/victim advocates, forensic interviewers, and mental health professionals. 

This team works collaboratively to provide necessary services to the child with the least amount of negative impact.  The forensic interview is the cornerstone of the process. Done by trained forensic interviewers while key team members observe from a separate location, the forensic interview is child-friendly, supportive, and designed to reduce the number of times a child is interviewed about abuse.

For more information, please visit the SNCAC home page.

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