1.     What services does CCSS Provide? 

Services include medical, financial and transportation.  For more information on these and all of our services click on the following link: “Clark County Social Service Programs”

2.     What documents will I need to provide in order to receive assistance from CCSS? 

These items are listed on our application click here - EnglishSpanish

3.      How do I apply?  

Your first visit to one of our offices will be to receive an application and a return date to be interviewed.  We are unable to determine eligibility or provide a return date over the phone.  The best suggested time to come in for your initial visit to pick-up your application and be provided a return date is after 11:00 a.m. and before 4:45 p.m., your eligibility will be determined by a worker after your interview.

4.     Can I apply for Medical and/or Financial assistance on-line? 

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to accept applications online.  Individuals applying for medical and/or financial assistance must do so in person.  Please visit the nearest CCSS office. See Contact Us for maps and directions.  Individuals residing in the rural areas of Laughlin, Searchlight and Boulder City can call the Henderson office for special instructions and those residing in Mesquite and Overton can call Outreach. 

5.     How do I apply for TANF, Medicaid or Food Stamps?  

Please call the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS) formally known as, Nevada State Welfare at 486-5000 for program information and office locations.  Or you may visit them online https://dwss.nv.gov/

6.     Does CCSS pay for dental care?  

CCSS does not cover dental care.

7.     Can I use my CCSS medical card anywhere? 

The CCSS medical card is only good at UMC and its facilities unless specifically authorized by CCSS as the requested services are not available @ UMC.  Clients can access outpatient services at the Lied Ambulatory Care Clinic or the main hospital if it is an emergency.  See Clark County Social Service Medical assistance document for address and phone number for Lied and office hours and locations of the Quick Care facilities.    

8.     If I am not eligible for Medical assistance through CCSS where can I go to receive ongoing medical care? 

Nevada Health Center Inc. provides medical service to low income individuals on a sliding fee schedule based upon income. They have clinics located throughout Clark County please see the following link for locations and phone numbers: http://www.nvrhc.org/contact.cfm

9.     I am homeless, where are the local shelters?  

Refer to the Homeless Resource guide for all homeless services.  

10.     I am being evicted but I don’t feel that it’s legal and I want to fight it, where can I go to fight the eviction? 

Evictions are processed through each jurisdictional Justice Court. For example in Las Vegas, it’s Las Vegas Justice Court. In Henderson, it’s Henderson Justice Court.  See Las Vegas Justice Court information.  

11.  I need assistance with rent and utilities, where can I get assistance?  You can apply at Social Service to see if you qualify for assistance, Help of Southern Nevada, Hopelink, Catholic Charities, Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, and NALA. You will have to meet eligibility guidelines for each agency.     

12.  How many times can I receive financial assistance from CCSS?   

If you are determined eligible for assistance, this information will be discussed with you by your caseworker at the time of your interview.  

13. Can I apply to CCSS if I am pending Social Security Disability?

Yes, you would have to apply in person.  Please locate the office closest to you to receive an application and a return slip with a specific date to return to your interview.

14. Can I see a copy of your Policy Manual?

To see the full version of our manual, please click here.

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