500 South Grand Central Parkway
PO Box 551220
Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1220

Payment Options for Real Property Taxes (only)


Surface mail:Overnight mail:
 Office of the County TreasurerOffice of the County Treasurer
 500 S Grand Central Pkwy500 S Grand Central Pkwy 1st Floor
 PO Box 551220Las Vegas, NV 89106
 Las Vegas, NV 89155-1220 
  Checks for real property tax payments should be made payable to Clark County Treasurer. To ensure timely and accurate posting, please write your parcel number(s) on the check and include your payment coupon(s).


 On-line bill pay: If you already use online bill paying through your financial institution, you can simply add Clark County Treasurer to your list of payees.
 For account number: Parcel number
(for example, 123-45-678-900 or 12345678900)
 For address: PO Box 551220
Las Vegas, NV 89155-1220
 By phone: Visa® or MasterCard®* payments can be made by calling our automated information system at 702-455-4323 and selecting option 1.
*A fee will be charged by the processing company for credit card payments. The current fee schedule is as follows:
 Visa or MasterCard (By phone)
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