​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Mission is to promote sustainable practices within Clark County’s operations and throughout the community. To accomplish this, the Office will focus on improving quality of life in the community, natural resource conservation, economic vitality, and public engagement.

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The Office of Sustainability was created to address a sustainable framework to further the objectives of the eco-initiative. The office is responsible for serving as a liaison to other entities, cultivating funding resources, creating a strategic marketing plan, development of external website, and promoting ongoing County conservation efforts.

Clark County is working with the community toward sustainability, by promoting economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable living. Maintaining and enhancing community quality of life is an ongoing priority for Clark County. We recognize that a livable, healthy community requires a long-term commitment. Planning for a sustainable society means ensuring that future generations have access to the resources that keep our community thriving. 

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What is “sustainability?” 
Simply put, it is responsible management of the environment while maintaining a viable economy and providing for the social well-being of our community.    

What is a “sustainable community?” 
A sustainable community converges and creates a balance between the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environment, and social providing a healthy, supportive, and viable community to both present and future residents.

The Board of County Commissioners adopted the eco-initiative to encourage sustainability within Clark County. This effort focused on the following seven areas of conservation: air quality, water, water reduction and recycling, green building, energy use, transportation and land use/habitat protection.




The Conservation District of Southern Nevada​ (CDSN) began as the Clark County Conservation District in 1974. CDSN is a local subdivision of the State of Nevada with decades of proven experience developing community based conservation projects for residents, governments, and businesses throughout Clark County.​

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