Clark County Fiscal Recovery Funds Grants

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will deliver $350 billion for state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments to respond to the COVID-19 emergency and bring back jobs. Clark County was recently awarded $440 million in Coronavirus State and Local Government Fiscal Recovery Funds (Fiscal Recovery Funds) under ARPA.

ARPA resources lay the foundation for a strong, equitable economic recovery, not only by providing immediate economic stabilization for households and businesses, but also by addressing the systemic public health and economic challenges that may have contributed to more severe impacts of the pandemic among low-income communities and people of color. Low-income communities and workers and people of color have faced more severe health and economic outcomes during the pandemic, with pre-existing social vulnerabilities like low-wage or insecure employment, concentrated neighborhoods with less economic opportunity, and pre-existing health disparities likely contributing to the magnified impact of the pandemic. 

The Clark County Manager’s Office is soliciting applications for the Fiscal Recovery Funds. Specifically, the Manager’s Office is soliciting applications from community stakeholders and non-profit organizations to address the direct and immediate needs of the community as a result of the pandemic and its negative social and economic impacts.

The pre-application deadline is July 26, 2021. No extensions will be provided.

July 19 Pre-Application Q&A Pre-Application Instructions & Guidelines  American Rescue Plan Act Pre-Application


Qualified Census Tract Maps:
Clark County Laughlin Moapa Valley