Land Use Applications


All property development and land use within unincorporated Clark County is governed by the Unified Development Code, Title 30.  All projects must be in compliance with this Code. 

Prior to application for building permits, applicants should verify requirements and compliance by calling the Department of Comprehensive Planning at (702) 455-4314 option 2.  If a land use application is required, an appointment should be scheduled with a planner.  Land use approvals must be obtained prior to subsequent building permit issuance.

Review Land Use Application Guideline

Check Land Use Application project information

Schedule an appointment with a Planner to submit a land use application

Submittal requirements for Land Use applications should be reviewed prior to Planner appointment.  All necessary documentation must be provided for the Application to be accepted.

Download copies of Land Use Applications to complete prior to your Planner Appointment.

Learn more about Land Use requirements by visiting the Comprehensive Planning Website FAQ's.

Last modified on 1/25/2018 7:17