Any person who wishes to operate a business in Unincorporated Clark County is required by Clark County Code to obtain a business license.  A general license is a term used to describe a basic application.   It is a license that does not usually require a background investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Some of these types of licenses may be regulated or governed by a state agency. 
Application Form for General License Applications 

An application form is required for all general licenses.  You may complete the Clark County Business License Application Form  or apply online by going to our Step-By-Step Guide to Apply for a General Business License.   You may also apply for a general license online.  Click on the button below for more information.

           General Licenses           

Helpful Tools
Business License Application Checklist
Use this checklist to serve as your guide to complete all the steps to a general license.
List of License Categories and Fees
See this list to determine the license type and corresponding fees for your business activity.  

Other Types of General Business Forms
Apartment Designated Manager Form

Completion of the Designated Manager Form is required. Business must designate an on-site manager who has primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations of an apartment house, including such activities as negotiating lease and rental terms, managing lease and rental transactions, maintaining accounting records, and overseeing building and grounds maintenance.

Charitable Registration Packet
To apply for a Charitable Registration, please complete the Clark County Charitable Registration Form Clark County Charitable Registration Form and submit it to our office together with the following documentations:

  1. Copy of Federal 501(c)(3)
  2. Federal 990
  3. List of Board Members
  4. By Laws

Charitable Solicitation and Disclosure Form
If the organization is holding events to solicit charitable funds, the Charitable Solicitation and Disclosure Form is required in addition to the Charitable Registration. 

CONTRACTORS - Multi-Jurisdictional Supplemental for New License Application Form
Completion of the Multi-Jurisdictional Supplemental for New License Application Form is required of all contractors. This form allows an applicant for a Contractor license to select other participating jurisdictions (Henderson, Las Vegas and/or North Las Vegas) in which the applicant also intends to conduct business.

CONTRACTORS - Multi-Jurisdictional Supplemental and Change Request Application Form
Completion of the Multi-Jurisdictional Supplemental and Change Request Application Form is required of contractors that (1) intend to conduct business in one or more participating jurisdictions (Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas) and wish to add the jurisdiction(s) to the County business license, or (2) will no longer be conducting business in one or more participating jurisdictions and wish to remove jurisdictions from the County business license.

CONTRACTORS - Multi-Jurisdictional License - Notification and Acknowledgement of Transfer of Primary Jurisdiction Form
The Notification and Acknowledgement of Transfer of Primary Jurisdiction form must be used by contractors when their business location changes from one participating jurisdiction (Clark County, Henderson, Las Vegas or North Las Vegas) to another. This form will be used by the participating jurisdictions to transfer control of your license to the new Primary Jurisdiction.

DENTAL FACILITIES - Dental Practice Inventory and Certification Form
The Dental Practice Inventory and Certification Form must be completed by all dental facilities when applying for a business license in accordance with regulations from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a one-time certification to ensure mercury is not being introduced into the water systems. The form is due 90 days following the introduction of wastewater into the publicly owned treatment works (POTW). Forms can be obtained from the Clark County Water Reclamation District Website, or by emailing 

 You will be redirected to the Other Business License Forms page. This page includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Change Form
  • Clark County Department of Public Works Form
  • Complaint Form 
  • CONTRACTORS - Multi-Jurisdictional License -  Notification and Acknowledgement of Transfer of Primary Jurisdiction Form
  • Fictitious Firm Name (DBA) Form
  • Out of Business Form 
  • Request for Duplicate License Form
  • Public Records Request Form
  • Request for Refund Form
  • Request to Surrender Business License Form
  • Rodeo- Application for Rodeo Permit