Applicant's names must appear exactly as reflected on identification presented. The pre-application will not accept punctuation, symbols or hyphens. If needed, the clerk may add punctuation or hyphens at the time the marriage license is issued, if punctuation is reflected on your identification.

"Social Security Number" pertains to those applicants who have been issued a Social Security number by the United States. All other applicants should choose "No" when asked "Do you have a Social Security Number?"

"Number of this Marriage" refers to the number of times you have been married, including the marriage you are about to enter into. If you have never been married before, the number of this marriage is 1. If you were married once before, the number of this marriage is 2. Annulments are also counted.

If the exact date of divorce or annulment is not known, month and year will be sufficient.

"Last Name at Birth (Maiden)" This should be your mother's last name when she was born.

The acknowledgment statements pertaining to "UNKNOWN" information must be clicked in both the Groom and Bride sections, whether or not there is unknown information in the application. You must check these boxes in order to submit the application.

If you notice a spelling error in a box after you receive your reference number, don't despair. The Marriage Bureau clerks can correct any information before you sign your license.

The Pre-Application is saved in our system for 1 year from the date of submission.

NOTE:  Enter the groom's information under the PARTY 1 section of the form.

To continue,  click on the link below then select the “Marriage Application” tab located at the far right.

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