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We all need to do our part to keep Clark County clean! Trash is not just ugly. It damages our community in many ways. Anything that gets dumped in the desert or tossed onto our streets or sidewalks can wind up washed into our flood control network during a storm and end up in Lake Mead. Cardboard boxes, tree branches and other types of improperly discarded trash can clog inlets and cause neighborhood flooding. Clark County spends about $12.1 million annually to clean up graffiti and remove trash and debris from streets, parks, public areas and flood control channels. There are other costs as well: 

  • Health risks: Illegal dump sites present health hazards. They attract rodents and insects and present physical hazards that can injure people and property. 
  • Pollution: Trash, garbage and debris harm water quality and natural wildlife habitat. The improper disposal of household chemicals, yard  waste, motor oil, rubber tires and other items damage our environment and can potentially taint Lake Mead. 
  • Crime: Just like graffiti, illegal dump sites serve as a magnet for additional dumping, vandalism and criminal activity, which can result in lower property values in neighborhoods.

Three ways to help eliminate litter and stop illegal dumping:

  1. Report illegal dumping.
  2. Organize a cleanup in your neighborhood or get involved in a cleanup effort.
  3. Don’t be part of the problem. See our Resource Guide and other information on these pages to learn how you can dispose of common household items that don’t belong in landfills or down our storm drains.
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