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The newsletter is designed to keep residents informed at each corner of the District, and we are committed to giving you the information you need in a timely manner to ensure that you can use it. The landscape of Commission District E affords the opportunity to building quality programs that connect people in the District. The newsletter will inform you about upcoming events at the County community centers, informational meetings with the Commissioner, business information, the activities of the County Commission, and more. Sign up for updates today.
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2020 Newsletters8 documents

  • September
    document seq 80.00
  • August
    document seq 7.00
  • June
    document seq 6.00
  • Special Coronavirus Issue 4
    document seq 5.00
  • Special Coronavirus Issue 3
    document seq 4.00
  • Special Coronavirus Issue 2
    document seq 3.00
  • Special Coronavirus Issue
    document seq 2.00
  • March
    document seq 1.00

2019 Newsletters6 documents

  • May
    document seq 0.00
  • ​June
    document seq 0.00
  • July
    document seq 0.00
  • ​August
    document seq 0.00
  • September
    document seq 0.00
  • October
    document seq 0.00