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Strategic Plan & Resource Library

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Clark County CJCC Strategic Plan & Annual Reports3 documents

  • 2022 CJCC Annual Performance and Data Report
    document date 03-01-2023
    The first annual performance and data report of the Clark County CJCC.  The report provides a review of Clark County's criminal justice system progress, efforts and challenges.  The report includes qualitative and quantitative data, as available, to measure trends, and to establish baselines for jail populations, specialty court, demographics, offenses and other data aligned with strategic initiatives.
  • 2022 Annual Report of the Nevada Judiciary
    document date 12-05-2022
    The Uniform System for Judicial Records (USJR) reporting requirements were established in June 1999 by Supreme Court order ADKT 295. The USJR directs trial courts to submit monthly information defined in the Nevada Courts Statistical Reporting Dictionary (Dictionary) to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). The information in the Dictionary is divided into four case categories: criminal, civil, family, and juvenile. Caseloads and dispositions for each case category have been defined and consistently categorized therein. The statistical information is compiled and reported in this annual report in accordance with NRS 1.360.
  • Clark County CJCC Strategic Plan 2023-2025
    document date 11-22-2022
    CJCC Strategic Plan approved at the November 17, 2022 Full Committee Meeting.  Section 3 is dynamic as the subcommittees continue to engage, implement and define strategic priorities.

CJCC Committee Presentation Materials6 documents

  • Clark County Pretrial Services Training Slides
    document date 05-31-2023
    JMI provided a training on June 6 and June 7 to the CJCC membership on the scope and activities of Pretrial Services as of today, and what it could be tomorrow under a fully functioning pretrial services unit..
  • Crisis Response System Presentation
    document date 09-20-2022
    Presentation from Division of Public and Behavioral Health regarding crisis stabilization units, 988 and mobile crisis.
  • Code for America - Feasibility Study
    document date 09-01-2022
    Scope of work for automatic court record sealing
  • NDOC Population Statistics
    document date 07-01-2022
    Annual report for SFY 22
  • Attorney General (SURG) Presentation on Opioid Litigation Awards
    document date 06-07-2022
    Details from the Attorney General's Office on the current litigation awards/settlements
  • One Nevada Agreement - Allocations of Opioid Litigation Funds
    document date 08-09-2021
    Statewide agreement with all counties on opioid litigation disbursements

Clark County Focused Assessments, Data and Reviews12 documents

  • FUSE Expansion Project, Technology Innovation for Public Safety
    document date 12-22-2022
    The Clark County TIPS project created a data matching tool to identify frequent misdemeanors of the multiple criminal  justice systems in Clark County and connect them to housing and supportive services programs. M
  • 2022 Annual Report Data Appendix
    document date 12-05-2022
    Statewide Judicial data collected by the Supreme Court for the Annual Report, by jurisdiction.
  • Clark County Sequential Intercept Map (SIM), October 2022
    document date 10-31-2022
    The SIM was updated to identify current services and gaps that impact the Clark County Justice Population.
  • Clark County CJCC Organization Assessment - February 23 2022
    document date 10-23-2022
    MacArthur Safety & Justice Challenge
  • Pretrial Services Workload Analysis - February 2022
    document date 02-10-2022
    Urban and Rural Clark County
  • Pretrial Agency Assessment for Clark County - 2021
    document date 08-01-2021
    Justice Management Institute Pretrial Review Justice Courts
  • Criminal Case Processing Analyst July 2020 - June 2021
    document date 07-15-2021
    Las Vegas Justice Court
  • Eighth Judicial District Court Caseload Filings & Dispositions SFY 21
    document date 06-30-2021
    The Clark County Eighth Judicial Court annual report on caseload filings and dispositions, including the total cases per Judge.
  • Report on Clark County Race and Ethnicity Trends in 2019 - March 2020
    document date 03-25-2020
    Justice Management Institute Report
  • Qualitative Process and Outcome Goals for Racial and Ethnic Disparity - 2019
    document date 06-01-2019
    Data and analysis on Clark County system
  • Clark County SAPTA Regional Capacity Assessment 2019
    document date 03-27-2019
    Nevada's Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency Assessment for Clark County.
  • Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Report, Completed January 2019
    document date 01-15-2019
    Policy Research Inc. presented the process and program report on gaps and services in Clark County.

Resources for Evidence-Based Activities10 documents

  • Standards on Pretrial Services - NASPA
    document date 04-26-2023
  • National Standards for CJCC
    document date 04-26-2023
  • SAMHSA's GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation
    document date 11-15-2022
    The GAINS SAMHSA's GAINS Center seeks to support the expansion of community services for adults who are in the criminal justice system and experiencing a mental and/or substance use disorder. The GAINS Center provides information and skills training to help individuals and organizations at the local, state, regional, and national levels implement effective, integrated programming that will transform the criminal justice and behavioral health systems.
  • National Institute of Corrections (NIC)
    document date 10-31-2022
    Evidence-based Practices (EBP) and NIC Resources
  • SAMHSA:  Principles of Community-based Behavioral Health Services for Justice-Involved Individuals:  A Research-based Guide
    document date 10-31-2022
    Community-based behavioral health providers and systems have an essential role in serving individuals with mental and substance use disorders who are currently or formerly involved with the criminal justice system. These individuals are a part of every community, and as for all community members with behavioral health needs, individualized, integrated, comprehensive, coordinated, and continuous service is the standard of care
  • Crime and Justice Institute Publications
    document date 10-31-2022
    Publications on activities of other states, including strategies for law enforcement, community supervision, youth diversion, training, and more.
  • The Justice Management Institute Publications and Resources
    document date 10-31-2022
    Subject and State related strategies, programs, and activities involving criminal justice populations and systems.
  • The Annie E. Casey Foundation
    document date 10-31-2022
    Juvenile Detention/Diversion Research and Programs
  • US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs
    document date 10-31-2022
    Research, Statistics and Evaluation
  • USJR DICTIONARY - Nevada Courts Reporting V4.1 July 2020.pdf
    document date 07-01-2020
    The Uniform System for Judicial Records (USJR), Nevada Courts Statistical Reporting Dictionary, enables the collection and compilation of consistent statistical information concerning the filing and resolution of cases in Nevada trial courts.  The information is used to enhance the administration of justice in Nevada.

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