What exactly does the Ombudsman do? The Ombudsman:

  • Works as an impartial and independent fact finder in reviewing and resolving complaints related to the Family Services and Social Service departments;
  • Explains to clients how department policies, procedures and program rules and regulations work;
  • Educates and provides information on how to navigate the local child welfare and social service systems;
  • Provides clients with referrals to other resource offices and services in the community; and
  • Facilitates complaint resolution between departments and clients. 

The Ombudsman operates under these principles:

Independence- The Ombudsman reports to the County Manager’s Office and works independent of, but in collaboration, with the Family Services and Social Service departments to resolve client issues and complaints.

Impartiality– The Ombudsman is a neutral fact-finder when reviewing and researching complaints.   The Ombudsman is not an advocate.   Findings are reported to clients, and issues and complaints are resolved in a neutral and impartial manner.  

Confidentiality– The Ombudsman does not disclose the identity and other personal information of persons who have filed a complaint without their permission.   The Ombudsman keeps all information and documents shared by clients confidential.

Homeowners Association Complaints

Clark County does not have oversight of homeowners associations in any of the incorporated cities in Clark County or in unincorporated Clark County.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your homeowners association, please contact the State of Nevada's Office of the Ombudsman for Common-Interest Communities

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