Animal Permits

In accordance with Clark County Code Chapter 10, the following permits are available for persons who quality. Persons applying for a Clark County Animal Protection Services permit shall complete, in full, the applicable application and attach/submit all supporting documents in order for the permit application to be accepted*. All inspection fees must be paid within 10 days of the application.  Application, supporting documents and fees may be brought in person to Clark County Animal Protection Services, to 4701 W. Russell Rd. Las Vegas, NV  89118 or emailed to   Application fees may also be mailed to the address listed above and can only be paid via check or money order, made payable to Clark County Treasurer. No cash, credit or debit cards are accepted. All permit applications are reviewed by the Animal Control Officer or their designee. Inspection fees are non-refundable. All permit codes may be read in full by clicking on the link(s) below.

Breeder/Show Permit Application

Pet Fancier/Foster Permit Application

Exotic/Wild Animal Permit Application

Temporary Puppy/Kitten Permit

Please also be advised:
All dogs, cats, and ferrets over three months of age must be vaccinated with a rabies vaccine and must wear a collar with the current rabies vaccination tag. CCC10.08.070(a) & CCC10.08.080

All dogs, cats, ferrets, pet rabbits, and potbellied pigs must wear a collar with owner identification information OR the animal must be implanted with a microchip. CCC10.08.070(b).

Permits must be renewed each year. Non-Compliance of CCC Title 10 may result in revocation of a permit and/or prosecution.