If you are considering filing a nuisance complaint, you may be interested in taking advantage of a FREE time-saving alternative called the Neighborhood Justice Center. The Center's personalized no cost mediation service may help you resolve your dispute more quickly than through the courts. You will also have more control over the outcome.

For information on the Neighborhood Justice Center programs, call (702) 455-3898.

Meanwhile, we have compiled this page of information based on Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to explore information of the topics listed below. Just select a topic and click to read more. For additional questions, call the Animal Protection Services office at (702) 455-7710.

Animal Adoption​

Animal Lost & Found

Animal Bites

Animal License​

Breeding Cats & Dogs

Buying A Puppy


Community Cats​

Noise Annoyance

Number of Pets​

Pet Fancier's Permit

Pet Sterilization

Rabies Vaccinations



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