Moapa Town Advisory Board

Meeting Location:
Marley P. Robinson Justice Court & Community Center
1340 East Highway 168
Moapa, Nevada 89025

Meeting Location Map (Opens in Google Maps)
Moapa Town Advisory Board Area Map

Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m.
There are regular meetings on the Tuesday preceding the 1st Tuesday of the month. Additional special call meetings will be held on the Tuesday preceding the 3rd Tuesday of each month, as needed. Special call meetings are not regularly scheduled meetings and are only held when a zoning item needs to be considered.
Please see the agendas listed for specific dates.

Agenda Posting Locations:
Glendale-Stagecoach Depot, 2300 Glendale Boulevard
Marley P. Robinson Justice Court & Community Center, 1340 East Highway 168
Moapa Town Library, 1340 East Highway 168
Moapa United States Post Office, 1800 East Highway 168

Board Members:
Tim R. Watkins, Chair
Laurellyn M. Wren, Vice-Chair
Grant Robert Lyman
Jamie Shakespear
John T. Wray

Amelia Smith,
Phone (702) 397-6475, Fax (702) 397-6477

District B- Marilyn Kirkpatrick

County Liaison:
Phone (702) 397-6475, Fax (702) 383-6041

Bylaws: Moapa Town Advisory Board Bylaws

Note: Audio recordings only work with Internet Explorer 10 or higher. If you have questions regarding the audio recordings, please contact the County liaison(s) listed.