Sunrise Manor Town Advisory Board

Meeting Location:
Hollywood Community Services Center
1650 South Hollywood
Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

Meeting Location Map (Opens in Google Maps)
Sunrise Manor Town Advisory Board Area Map

Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.
Meetings are held Thursdays, preceding the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.
Please see the agendas listed below for specific dates.

Agenda Posting Locations:
Hollywood Recreation Center, 1650 S. Hollywood Blvd. 
Bob Price Recreation Center, 2050 Bonnie Lane
Parkdale Community Center, 3200 Ferndale
Sunrise Library, 5400 Harris Avenue

Board Members:
Max E. Carter II, Chair
Alexandria Malone, Vice Chair
Earl Barbeau
Briceida Castro
Paul Thomas

Secretary: Jill Leiva
Phone (702) 334-6892, Fax (702) 431-5201

District B - Marilyn Kirkpatrick
District D - Lawrence Weekly
District E - Tick Segerblom

District G - James B. Gibson

County Liaison:
Kelly Benavidez,
Phone (702) 455-7277, Fax (702) 648-5387

Beatriz Martinez,
Phone (702) 455-0560, Fax (702) 455-8610

Bylaws: Sunrise Manor Advisory Board Bylaws

Note: Audio recordings only work with Internet Explorer 10 or higher. If you have questions regarding the audio recordings, please contact the County liaison(s) listed.