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Mailing Address:
Public Response Office:  
4701 W. Russell Rd, 1st floor
Las Vegas NV 89118


(702) 455-4191

Graffiti Hotline:
(702) 455-4509

(702) 455-2080

Code Enforcement
Public Response Office

Citizens can file complaints using our 24-hour hotline, by fax, online, or by mail.


For your convenience, Clark County has developed an online complaint form that allows you to file code enforcement and graffiti complaints electronically.  Please include precise locations, dates and an explanation of your concern or request so we can process your request in an efficient manner.

Your name, address and telephone number are also requested in case additional information is needed. If you provide your name or other personal information it may be disclosed, even if you request to remain anonymous. All information collected by this agency is made available to the public as mandated by the Public Records Act.