Short Term Rental Education Enforcement Team (STREET)

It is illegal under Clark County Code 30.44.010(b)(7)(C) to rent a residential property for fewer than 31 days in unincorporated Clark County.

Offending homeowners can be fined $1,000 a day. Additionally, there is potential for a misdemeanor charge.

Clark County is concerned about short-term rentals for numerous reasons:

  1. Short-term rentals disrupt the quality of life in residential neighborhoods.  The renters of short-term rentals have no stake in the neighborhood; thus, they disrupt the peaceful environment of residential neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where short-term rentals are found deal with more traffic, loud music during the evening hours, and trash/rubbish found at the curb.
  2. As short-term rentals are illegal in unincorporated Clark County, the residential properties that are being used for short-term rental properties have not been regulated by the Clark County Building & Fire Prevention department to ensure that the residential property is in compliance with the fire and safety codes for transient use.
  3. Short-term rentals do not adhere to the health and human safety standards that a hotel or motel would follow.  Short-term rentals may not be following the standards set by the Southern Nevada Health District to control the spread of communicable disease and promote safety and sanitary conditions.
  4. Clark County is concerned about the public safety of guests in short-term rentals.  Properties used for short-term rentals are not equipped with the same security that is often found in hotels and motels.
  5. Short-term rentals are operating in unincorporated Clark County without paying taxes that ultimately benefit the entire community.  Without paying taxes, the short-term rental business is ultimately hurting the whole community.
  6. Short-term rentals artificially inflate rental costs.  Property owners have found ways to make a profit by converting long-term living spaces into the short-term rentals. Thus, there are fewer homes on the market for those wishing to rent long-term.
If you suspect that your neighbor is renting out his or her residence, or part of his or her residence, you can report the issue to the Clark County Public Response Office at (702) 455-4191 or submit an online request at

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