Cultural District Designations

Cultural District Designations


Due to Clark County's rapid growth, the population of the County is becoming more and more diverse. Clark County has benefited and will continue to benefit in countless ways from the contributions of its many ethnic communities. Many of the visitors to Clark County immerse themselves in the unique cultures, aesthetic, and artistic traditions found across the County. Clark County has the ability to create an effective strategy to strengthen areas of the County that represent unique cultural heritages. 

The County shall have the ability to create cultural districts to advance the following goals:

  1. Promoting unique cultural assets such as buildings, business organizations, traditions, practices, events, works of art, and public facing physical elements or characteristics that have contributed to the cultural heritage of Clark County and its people, or are associated with the lives of persons important to Clark County history; and

  2. Celebrating, strengthening, and sharing the unique cultural and ethnic identity specific to communities, and providing opportunities for community neighbors and supporters to participate.  

Process Designating a Cultural District: 
If you are interested in the process to create a cultural district designation, contact Daniel Giraldo at, or by phone at (702) 455-3547.

Clark County Cultural Districts

Little Ethiopia

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