About Us

About Us

The Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Advisory Committee is an advisory group convened by Clark County.  The OHV Advisory Committee broadly represents the diverse interests and needs of the off-highway vehicle community in Clark County as it relates to planning, maintaining and protecting motorized recreation in southern Nevada.

The goal of this committee is to develop consensus advice and recommendations to Clark County regarding OHV recreation that also meets the County's interests and needs pertaining to future economic growth and development while minimizing impacts where possible to OHV recreation. 

The OHV Advisory Committee will also be a forum to review policy and planning proposals from other local, state or federal agencies that could impact OHV recreation and to provide recommendations on those proposals to minimize and mitigate impacts to OHV recreation in Clark County.  It is the intent of the committee to work cooperatively with various land management agencies and to develop and advance productive relationships with these agencies to maintain and protect OHV recreation in Clark County. 

Through its open public meetings, advice on OHV recreation and the ongoing responsibilities of Committee members to communicate with their respective constituencies, the Committee will assist the broader public in becoming more informed and meaningfully involved in OHV recreation in Clark County.



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