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Message from Mike Cafro
Don't Trash The Desert! - Mike Cafro - UTV Impact (PSA)

Off-Road Champion Mike Cafro has spent most of his life racing and riding in the desert. the one thing he absolutely hates seeing is trash in the desert. Nobody wants to see our beautiful deserts trashed. Help us keep our deserts open and clean and show the world that off-roaders are responsible land users. Remember to pack out what you bring in. Travel with a couple of extra trash bags for your trash and any trash you see. A little extra effort goes a long way. Don’t Trash The Desert.

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Message from Ricky Johnson

Buckle Up! - Ricky Johnson  - UTV Impact (PSA)
7x Motorcross and multi-time Off-Road Champion Ricky Johnson has spent most of his life racing and riding trails and desert. Safety is always his first concern when he is out riding. Buckle up and wear your helmet. Keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe. With the speed and capability of modern UTV ‘s 4-point harness and race, helmets are recommended. It’s simple and easy to do. Buckle up and wear a helmet. Safety is your responsibility.

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