Combined Board of Building Appeals

Combined Board of Building Appeals


The Combined Board of Building Appeals hears and decides appeals of determinations made by the building official relative to the application and interpretation of the technical codes per the Clark County Building Administrative Code, Chapter 22.02.155. Appointments to the Board are for four-year terms and began in 2020. 

The combined board of appeals is authorized to hear appeals relating to the Building Code of Clark County, the Residential Code of Clark County, the Electrical Code of Clark County, the Mechanical Code of Clark County, the Plumbing Code of Clark County, the Swimming Pool and Spa Code of Clark County, the Energy Conservation Code of Clark County, the Amusement and Transportation Systems Code of Clark County, the Sign Code of Clark County, and the Existing Building Code of Clark County.  Appeals relating to the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings Code of Clark County are subject to Chapter 11.06 of the Clark County Code.  The combined board of building appeals is authorized to review proposed alternate materials and methods of construction when the matter is referred to the board by the building official pursuant to section 22.02.075.

Appeals Guidelines
Combined Board of Building Appeals Guideline for Preparing Appeals - Building Permit Guide BPG-021
Combined Board of Building Appeals- Building Permit Guide BPG-022

Committee members:
Appointment Terms Expire: 10/2025

Ryan Kronbetter,
General Contractor
Robert Potter,
Affordable Concepts Inc.
Structural Engineer

Steve Schiller,
John A. Martin & Associates of Nevada
Residential Construction Industry Representative
Matthew Dyka,
Pulte Homes
Master Electrician
Rocco Prock,
Cooper Roofing & Solar, LLC
Mechanical Engineer
Brad Geinzer,
BRG Consulting, Ltd
Michael Gentille,
PCNA Consulting Group, Inc.
Amusement & Transportation Systems Industry Representative Marla McPherson,
Clark County Department of Transportation
Secretary / Ex Office Member Samuel D. Palmer,
Assistant Director, Clark County Department of Building & Fire Prevention

The Board is comprised of eight (8) members representing industry and the community in addition to the Building Officials. The members shall be qualified by training and experience to decide matters pertaining to  building construction and building service equipment . The members shall not be employees of Clark County.

Apply to serve on the Combined Board of Building Appeals Committee

Meeting Dates, Agendas, Supporting Material, Minutes, and Audio:

05/24/22 - meeting cancelled Agenda     
01/06/22 Agenda   Draft Minutes
10/21/15 Agenda     
07/05/2012 Agenda   Minutes
01/10/212 Agenda   Minutes
07/16/2010 Agenda    
01/16/2010 Agenda Packet Minutes
01/12/2009 Agenda    
06/17/2008 Agenda   Minutes
03/28/2008 Agenda   Minutes
11/16/2006 Agenda   Minutes
05/17/2006 Agenda   Minutes
10/14/2005 Agenda    
05/26/2004 Agenda   Minutes

For questions regarding the agenda and supporting material, contact Theresa Atimalala by email at, or by phone at (702) 455-2794.

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