Where can I find a complete list of the currently adopted codes and/or the Southern Nevada Code Amendments (SNCA)?

What forms do I need to submit for a permit and are they on-line?

I have turned in my plans.  How long will my first plan review take?

How can I track the status of my plan review?

How can I determine how much the fees are and when do I have to pay them?

I have received my correction letter and I need to speak to my plan reviewer.  How can I contact the plan reviewer?

I have received a correction letter and it only addresses the architectural review. Will I be receiving additional letters?

My permit has been issued and my plans are approved.  I need to revise my plans.  Do the revisions require approved, how long will it take?  Do I need a separate permit?

How much will a revision cost?

Is it legal for the owner or tenant of a commercial building, or his representative, to perform the services of a contractor for work on that building without being licensed under NRS 624?

If I disagree with a plans examiner's code interpretation or an item in a correction letter, can I get a second opinion?

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