Comprehensive Master Plan and Development Code Update

Transform Clark County Logo
Clark County recently launched a major effort—called Transform Clark County—to establish a cohesive, county-wide vision for the future and a defined strategy to achieve that vision.  This effort will include a complete rewrite of Clark County’s key policy and regulatory documents—the Master Plan and Development Code (Title 30).  Although the Master Plan has been amended and revised over time, it has not been comprehensively updated since 1983.  The updated Master Plan will serve as a policy guide for the growth and physical development of Clark County over the coming decades and will inform subsequent updates to the Development Code.  Click here for more information

Clark County residents are encouraged to participate and learn more about Transform Clark County by visiting the project website. There one can find out more about the project, access a description and timeline of the process, track events and sign up for email updates. One may also track the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media channels using the hashtag #TransformClarkCounty.