Federal Lands

Federal Lands

The Federal Lands Program influences the quality of life in Clark County by monitoring and coordinating activities on federal land that impact the environment, urban development or the economy.  It coordinates six federal land management agencies that administer land in Clark County and monitors planning and other National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) related actions.

Of the 5.2 million acres within the County:
  • 2.9 million acres (89%) is administered by the Bureau of Land Management
  • 587,000 acres by the National Park Service
  • 493,000 acres by the US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • 340,500 acres by the US Air Force
    • 327,000 jointly with the US Fish & Wildlife Service
    • 13,500 acres on Nellis Air Force Base
  • 252,000 acres by the USDA Forest Service
  • 50,700 acres by the Bureau of Reclamation

The Federal Lands Team:

Examples of projects include:

  • Bureau of Land Management activities in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  • US Forest Service activities in Spring Mountain National Recreation Area
  • National Park Service activities in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service activities in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge

BLM Land Sales information:

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