Land Use Planning

The Advanced Planning Team works with our customers to develop and maintain long range plans for unincorporated towns and communities in Clark County. These areas have been divided into 11 distinct planning areas.

Historically, the County has updated each planning area land use plan every five years. However, some planning areas are rapidly growing and changing while others are experiencing less dramatic shifts. As a result, the practice of updating each planning area land use plan on a five-year rotation has underserved some communities while in other planning areas, this has resulted in minimal changes.

With the adoption of the Transform Clark County Master Plan, updates to the land use plans and associated goals and policies for each planning area will now be updated based on their relative need, as directed by the Board of County Commissioners. Plans for fast-growing planning areas in the Las Vegas Valley should generally be reviewed and updated every three to five years while more stable planning areas should generally be updated every five to ten years.

Below are details about our plan update process and what is required to create them.  In addition, you can find previously adopted land use plans, our latest schedules of plans currently being updated, and important information on new projects the Division is currently working on. 

Plan Update Schedule

Per Section 30.12.040(1) of the Development Code, the Board shall direct staff regarding the appropriateness of updating a land use plan.  Because of the update to the Master Plan through the Transform Clark County initiative, future planning area updates will be deferred until the update to Title 30 is completed.  The schedule summarizes and reflects the updated adoption date of the Master Plan and the associated NZC moratorium date. 

Land Use Plan Schedule
Land Use Plan  Re-Affirmed Date by BCC NZC Moratorium (2 years)
Enterprise 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Laughlin 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Lone Mountain 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Northeast County 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Northwest County 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
South County 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Spring Valley 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Sunrise Manor 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Whitney 11/17/2021 11/17/2023
Winchester / Paradise 11/17/2021 11/17/2023

Community Input and Land Use Plan Update Process:
Open Houses
Open Houses will be held in the community for property owners, developers, and stakeholders to meet with
the update team and service providers. There will be no formal presentation. Only property owners can
request a land use change. Notification is sent to all property owners within the Planning Area at the start of
the update.

Comment Forms and Change Requests
The update team uses public input received at the Open Houses to formulate a Draft Plan which is presented
during the public hearing process.

Public Hearing Process
The Public Hearing Process consists of three separate meetings (TAB or CAC, Planning Commission, and Board
of County Commissioners). An additional notice card will be mailed to each property owner within 1500 feet of
a requested change at the start of the public hearing process.

Town Advisory Boards or Citizens Advisory Councils will forward recommendations on the changes to the
Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the change requests, and after taking public
testimony, forward the plan with adopted changes to the Board of County Commissioners for approval.

The final approval will occur at the Board of County Commissioners, where after taking additional public
testimony, changes can be either approved or denied.