Park Composition

Park Composition

Park Composition

Park composition is the percentage of park acreage attributed to the various park classifications. Currently, the composition of all parks within urban Clark County is distributed as follows:
31.4% Neighborhood Parks
9.2% Community Parks
27.3% Regional Parks
32.1% Special Use Facilities

Reaching an optimum composition of the four urban park classes and two rural park classes is an adopted County goal. This optimum mix is based on the special needs of the community. Conceptually, neighborhood parks should be closer to residents than community parks and regional parks should draw those living within a 5 mile radius of the park for large events. The following chart shows the desired composition of urban parks to be achieved by 2035.

Park Classification Goal 2035

The park development goal for the rural communities within Clark County is 80% Rural Parks and 20% Special Use Facilities.

In addition to placing parks in various classifications and identifying an optimum composition, Clark County has also adopted an acreage standard (see Park Level of Service Standard).

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