Park Planning Program

Parks Planning Program

The Comprehensive Planning (CP) Parks Planning Program, in conjunction with the Parks & Recreation Department and Real Property Management, facilitates the planning, design and development of parks in Clark County. The program’s goal is to assist with planning to build safe, attractive and functional parks and recreation facilities.

The County’s first park, Camp Lee Canyon, opened in 1961. Camp Lee Canyon was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.The Clark County Parks & Recreation Department was established in 1963, and in 1964 the first urban parks, Paradise Park and Parkdale Park, opened.

In 1967, an old ranch became the origins of Sunset Park, the County’s first regional park.  Also in 1967, Moapa Valley dedicated its first park, Grant Bowler Park. In 2023, the County has 115 urban and rural parks to serve the community. There are also 16 urban area recreation centers and 10 rural area recreation centers, along with 14 pools.

Among the County’s newest parks are Southwest Ridge Park and Trailhead, which opened in 2022; Echo Trail Park, which opened in 2021; Cougar Creek Park, which opened in 2020; and Sagemont Park (Summerlin South), which opened in 2019.


The Clark County Master Plan Recreation (including parks and trails) and Open Space element, begins on page 238-
Clark County Master Plan