Planning Process

Planning Process


Clark County’s Master Plan

Clark County’s Transform Clark County Master Plan is coordinated by the Comprehensive Planning staff working closely with other County departments, Town Advisory Boards (TAB) and Citizens Advisory Councils (CAC), technical advisory stakeholders, and the public. Public input is invited through a series of open house events.  The technical advisory group is composed of service providers such as the Clark County School District, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Clark County Regional Flood Control District, Southern Nevada Health District, etc.

Once the draft plan is complete, it is then submitted to the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC) for their review to determine conformity to the Southern Nevada Strong Regional Plan.  The plan is then submitted to the Clark County Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners for adoption after consideration at their respective public hearings.  For updates and amendments to the land use sections of the Master Plan, an additional public hearing is conducted by the respective TAB or CAC prior to the Planning Commission hearing.

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