Bad Check Unit



Effective immediately the DA Bad Check Unit (BCU) Front Lobby will be closed to the public for in-person services.

Until further notice, the DA BCU lobby in the Regional Justice Center will be closed to the public for in-person services.  Although the front lobby will be closed, BCU staff is still able to receive bad check and restitution payments (money order or cashier’s check) via mail, and to process wire transfer payments, as well as assist the public via telephone.   

If you need specific BCU assistance, please call the main number at (702) 671-4701.

Payments (bad check or victim restitution via cashier’s check/money order) can be mailed by USPS Regular mail to:

Regional Justice Center
200 Lewis Avenue
Lower Level #246
Las Vegas, NV 89155-2211
(If mailed via UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS Express Delivery the zip code to use is 89101)

For bad check cases: The cashier’s check/money order must be made out to “Clark County District Attorney” with the case number noted in the memo line

For bad check wire transfer payments: Please call the BCU main number to receive wire instructions

For victim restitution payments: The cashier’s check or money order must be made out to the name of the victim OR CCDA Victim Witness (e.g. “John Doe OR CCDA Victim Witness”) with the case number noted in the memo line.

We appreciate your understanding as we deal with these challenging times.

A Message from our District Attorney


Dear Business Owner or Manager:

Bad Checks cost the citizens and businesses of Clark County millions of dollars in losses every year. The public suffers major financial harm when goods or services are “stolen” through the use of fraudulent checks.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Bad Check Diversion Unit has been established to assist citizens and businesses in obtaining restitution for bad checks and to prosecute those offenders who habitually pass these checks. Our primary goal is to obtain full restitution for the victims through a DA-supervised diversion program in which bad check writers are provided the option of making full restitution and paying the administrative fees in lieu of prosecution. This opportunity is extended to individuals with no serious criminal background. As required by Nevada law, the program also includes an educational component designed to teach responsible check-writing and budgeting, as well as the legal consequences of repeated criminal conduct.

The services of the Clark County District Attorney’s office in obtaining restitution and prosecuting bad checks are free to you, the victim. The issuers of bad checks, not you, will pay any administrative costs, as provided by Nevada law.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office is committed to the protection of this community, restitution for victims of crime, and, when possible, the rehabilitation of criminal offenders.

As with any group of people combating a common problem, the more we cooperate with each other, the more successful we will be in this endeavor. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


Steven B. Wolfson
District Attorney