Record Sealing Forms Instructions

Record Sealing Forms Instructions

stopThe legal documents (petition and order) are prepared with arrest information as reflected on your criminal history (SCOPE).   You cannot proceed without this information.   (See Guideline For Utilizing the Stipulation Process Obtaining Criminal History Records).  

I have my criminal history.   How do I know if my record is sealable?

Each AR or MS SCOPE entry is an arrest or citation.   If a final disposition is not reflected on SCOPE, you should get documentation from the court of jurisdiction or arresting agency.   Now that you have a final disposition, you can determine if your record is sealable by reviewing the statutory criteria for sealing of records. (See Statutory Requirements).   If you are uncertain if your record is sealable, you should consult with private legal counsel.

How do I determine my Court of Jurisdiction?  

DISTRICT COURT           Click here to print a sample (Note requires Adobe Reader)  

The District Court has jurisdiction over all district, justice and municipal court criminal charges for the purpose of sealing records within Clark County.   One set of documents (petition, affidavit and order) can be prepared including all charges to be sealed within the County of Clark.  

JUSTICE COURT             Click here to print a sample (Note requires Adobe Reader)

There are multiple justice courts within Clark County.   If petitioning to seal a justice court case, the heading of the petition and order should list the specific township where the case was, or would have been, prosecuted.   One petition and order can seal charges within multiple townships.   For example, the heading of the petition and order could reflect a Las Vegas Justice Court heading if sealing justice court charges within Las Vegas, Henderson and/or North Las Vegas Townships. You will be asked to insert the name of the appropriate township in the heading of the Justice Court petition and order.   The townships within Clark County are:
Boulder City  Laughlin 
Bunkerville Mesquite
Goodsprings Moapa 
Henderson Moapa Valley
Las Vegas North Las Vegas 
Who should I give a copy of the Order to?

To All involved Agencies.  Per statute, the petition and order should include a list of agencies reasonably known to the petitioner to have possession of records to be sealed. 
Preparation of Forms Link to List of Agencies
How do I go from field to field in the forms?  

To enter your applicable information in the documents, you would do one of the following:
Press F11 - type requested information and press F11 again to go to the next field.
Press F11 - if requested information not applicable, press space bar to clear field  and press F11 again to go to the next field.
Example of inserts: Attorney or Petitioners Name  =  F11 + John Doe + F11
Bar # (if attorney)  =  Space bar as not represented by counsel + F11
Street Address  =  1234 Main Street + F11
City, State & Zip Code =  Las Vegas, Nevada   89000 + F11
Telephone Number =  (702) 123-4567

The Internet forms are not protected and allow for the insertion of required information.  

The sample forms allow for the sealing of multiple arrest entries. This will enable you to insert all sealable events, one underneath the other, in the body of the petition and order.  Each sealable entry should include the date of arrest, arresting agency, charge and final disposition.  Attachments listing sealable items are not acceptable to the court.

To access the record sealing forms (petition, affidavit and order), click on the appropriate link below.

  • District Court Forms (note requires MS Word) *Internet Explorer users - please click Save after clicking the link. 
  • Justice Court Forms (note requires MS Word) *Internet Explorer users - please click Save after clicking the link. 

I prepared the forms.   What next?

See Guidelines for Utilizing the Stipulation Process Submittal of Forms, Approval and Denial.

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