Brigid Duffy

Brigid Duffy

brigidDuffyprofileBrigid Duffy is the Director of the Juvenile Division of the office of the Clark County District Attorney.

Ms. Duffy graduated from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware in 1998 and passed both the Pennsylvania Bar and the New Jersey Bar exams that same year. She started her legal career with the Philadelphia District Attorney General’s Office, doing arraignments on the graveyard shift.

In 1999, Duffy passed the Nevada Bar, and was hired by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office the following year. While at the Nevada Attorney General’s Office she was assigned to represent the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services.

In 2004 she was hired by the Juvenile Division of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office to serve as a Child Welfare Deputy District Attorney. She became team chief of the Child Welfare Division in 2006.

From 2008-2012 Duffy served as a Hearing Master, presiding over Child Welfare cases. In this role she was assigned the cases of child sexual abuse that resulted from an abuse and neglect investigation.

In April of 2012 she returned to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office as the Chief Deputy District Attorney responsible for overseeing the entire Juvenile Division (both the Delinquency and Welfare teams). At that time, the Juvenile Division consisted of 41 full time employees.

In April of 2016, Duffy was promoted to Director of the District Attorney Juvenile Division, which currently has 51 full time employees, including 29 Deputy District Attorney’s, 1 law clerk and 2 POST certified investigators.

Ms. Duffy represents the office of the District Attorney on many boards and commissions, and works tirelessly on issues related to the welfare of children in our community. Her hard work was recognized in May of 2016 by the Clark County Law Foundation, as they presented her with the Liberty Bell Award, which is designed to "recognize individuals in the community who uphold the rule of law, contribute to good government within the community, stimulate a sense of civic responsibility, and encourage respect for the law in the courts".

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