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The Office of the Clark County District Attorney is dedicated to providing high quality legal representation and zealous prosecution of criminal cases, as well as protecting the children of our community, assisting custodial parents in the collection of court ordered child support  and assuring that Clark County is properly represented in all civil matters to which they are a party.

We are divided into four main divisions:  Criminal, Juvenile, Family Support and Civil.

The Criminal Division files charges in over 22,000 felony cases and over 32,000 misdemeanor cases on an annual basis.  These cases are aggressively prosecuted by over 100 Deputy District Attorneys appearing regularly in over thirty judicial forums.

The Criminal Division is organized into general litigation teams and specialty teams.  The general litigation teams handle the prosecution of all felony and misdemeanor cases that are not handled by specialty teams. 

The specialty teams include:    

  • Major Violators Unit
  • Career Criminal Unit
  • Special Victims Unit
  • Gun Crimes Unit
  • Gang Unit
  • Domestic Violence/Stalking Unit
  • Vehicular Crimes Unit
  • Bad Check Unit
  • Financial Integrity Unit
  • Forfeitures Unit
  • Fraud Unit
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Special Assignments

The Juvenile Division handles both juvenile delinquency cases and cases concerning the welfare of children, including termination of parental rights.  This division prosecutes approximately 8,500 cases a year.

The Family Support Division handles nearly 61,000 child support cases.  They are tasked with locating parents, establishing paternity, establishing and enforcing new child support court orders and enforcing the collection of overdue child support.

The Civil Division defends Clark County and its officers and employees in civil actions directly related to their public duties and employment.  They also prosecute all civil actions for the recovery of debts owed to Clark County, civil actions for abatement of nuisances and all other civil actions by the County as directed by the Board of County Commissioners.  They also give legal opinions to all County, township and district officers within the County on all matters relating to the duties of their respective offices.


Nell Christensen
Chief Deputy District Attorney
Recruitment and Training

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