About Us

The VWAC staff is available to provide the following assistance to you:

  1. Notification of the status of your case.
  2. Explanation of court procedures.
  3. Transportation to and from court, if necessary.
  4. Assistance in applying for available compensation.
  5. Expediting the return of property held as evidence when case closed.
  6. Providing vouchers for witness fees.
  7. Processing restitution payments/sending to victims.
  8. Referrals to appropriate social service agencies.

We are located at 200 Lewis Avenue on the 3rd floor of the Regional Justice Center at the corner of Lewis and Third Streets in downtown Las Vegas. Our hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday except holidays.

For further information or to speak with your assigned advocate, please contact our main number at (702) 671-2525.