Business Development Advisory Council (BDAC)

ClarkCountyEconDevLogo_Tagline_smallThe Clark County Business Development Advisory Council (BDAC) was established to assist the County with its commitment to increase the number of minority, women and small businesses doing business with Clark County.  The Council acts to:
  1. Promote the County’s equal business opportunity program(s).
  2. Study and advise the Board of County Commissioners on methods to enhance the County’s equal business opportunity program, including input on the County’s website access and information for businesses.
  3. Endeavor to develop a list of contacts in order to work with agencies and organizations involved in aiding and promoting local, small, women-owned and minority business enterprises.
  4. Work with the state of Nevada’s entrepreneurial office to identify new businesses.
  5. Provide an annual report to the Board of County Commissioners regarding the activities of the council. Such report may be in person.
The Council members also support the Small Business Opportunity Program (SBOP).        
Qualifying individuals who apply and are selected will serve two-year terms on the Council. Members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and may be approved to serve consecutive terms. The Council meets at the discretion of the chairman of the BDAC, but not less than once per quarter.