Redevelopment Agency

The focus of the Clark County Redevelopment Agency (CCRDA) is to create a coordinated effort for addressing mature areas of unincorporated Clark County that may be experiencing blight and decreased social, financial and economic investment.  CCRDA was established in December 2002 and the corresponding redevelopment plan was approved in December 2003.  Three redevelopment areas were identified at that time: Winchester (TD#411), Paradise (TD#471), and Sunrise Manor (TD#341). 

During the great recession in 2009, the CCRDA was mothballed so that county resources could be redirected to focus on long-established county obligations.  The CCRDA remained dormant until June 2021 when the Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution determining the need for the agency to operate. 

The CCRDA is a separate and distinct organization from Clark County, but the Clark County Board of Commissioners sits as the CCRDA board of directors.  CCRDA items requiring board discussion and approval may be taken at a separate CCRDA meeting or may be addressed at regular county commission meetings, each of which will be properly noticed as a public meeting. For information on CCRDA meetings visit Clark County’s Meetings and Agendas page.

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Clark County Redevelopment Areas