Emergency Mail Absentee Ballot Voting

Last Updated August 23, 2018

When to Request an Emergency Ballot

You may request an "emergency ballot" under certain conditions, as described below. The ballot must be requested in writing from the Election Department. Faxed or scanned ballot requests are acceptable. You may not request an emergency ballot on behalf of another registered voter, even with Power of Attorney.

Written Request Requirements

Per NRS 293.316, if after the deadline to request a mail/absentee ballot (the Tuesday before Election Day) you are suddenly hospitalized, become seriously ill or are called away from home, you may submit a written request for an emergency ballot that must include:

  • Your name, address and signature
  • The name, address and signature of the person designated by you to obtain, deliver and return your ballot;
  • A brief statement of your illness or disability or of facts sufficient to establish that you were called away from home after the mail/absentee ballot request deadline
  • If you are confined in a hospital, sanatorium, dwelling or nursing home, a statement that you will be confined therein on the day of the election
  • Unless your designee will mark and sign the ballot on your behalf, a statement signed under penalty of perjury that only you will mark and sign the ballot.

If, because of a physical disability, you cannot sign your name and/or require assistance with voting a mail/absentee ballot, see the procedures for assisted mail/absentee ballot voting for persons with disabilities.

NOTE: The emergency ballot request may be submitted at any time after the mail/absentee ballot deadline, up to no later than 5:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Print a Request Form

If you can sign your name and vote without assistance, print and complete the "Request for Emergency Ballot" form.  

When to Return the Voted Emergency Ballot

Your voted ballot must be returned to the County Election Department not later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.


If you have any questions, call (702) 455-6552.