Letter to Request a Mail Ballot

Any registered voter may request a mail ballot for any reason, but the request must be in writing AND must be submitted each calendar year. The exception is if you specifically request a permanent mail/absentee ballot for all future elections, thus eliminating the need for an annual request. In that case, you will receive a mail/absentee ballot on a permanent basis as long as you keep your address current with the Election Department. The Election Department must receive WRITTEN mail/absentee ballot requests in its office by 5:00 p.m. on or before the 14th day Election Day for you to vote by mail in the current election.

If you write a letter, it must include your:

Full name.

Clark County residential address and the address where you want the mail ballot to be delivered (if different from the residential address).

The election(s) (primary, general, special, and/or permanent) in which you want to vote by mail--you will be sent a mail ballot for only those specific elections and no others, e.g., if you only indicate the primary, you will not be sent a mail ballot for the general and vice-versa.  You may also indicate that you want a permanent mail/absentee ballot for ALL future elections.

The language, English, Spanish, or Filipino/Tagalog, in which want to receive your mail ballot voting materials.

Optional:  (a) A telephone number and/or e-mail address where you can be reached in case any questions arise; and (b) your Nevada Voter Registration number if you know it (to find it, login to Registered Voter Services and select View My Registration Information from the dropdown menu).

Handwritten signature (if you are physically disabled and cannot sign your name, call the Election Dept. at (702) 455-6552 for instructions)

Send your letter to us by one of the means indicated below:

  • Postal Mail:
    Mail Ballot Division
    PO Box 3910
    Las Vegas, NV 89127-3910
  • E-Mail (for requests scanned as a PDF):
  • Deliver in Person:
    965 Trade Dr., Suite A
    North Las Vegas, NV
  • FAX:
    (702) 455-2831